Diminutive Hunting Poodles

In 1997 I was introduced to field work - my friends Roger and Nancy had Curly-Coated Retrievers and they encouraged me to come out and see what field work was about.  At the same time my first mini, Percy, had earned his Versatility in Poodles VC and we needed one more "venue" in order to qualify for his VCX.  Through the auspices of Emily Cain, who was the chair of the VIP certificate program, we were introduced to birds and hunting.  Emily likes to tell the story of that day, when I brought Percy out to the hunt test, and she threw a pigeon for him and he went wild, and retrieved it!  We went home with two birds and directions out to our first lessons at John Hamilton's in Puslinch.  At the time we were working towards the Poodle Club of America WC/X program, Miniature Poodles were not allowed in the CKC WC series of tests so this became my goal.  With John's support Percy ran as test dog at multiple CKC events and we were out training every week so people could see what minis could do.  We also participated in NAHRA events.  Eventually with the support of Emily and the Mountain Valley Retriever Club, Percy ran as test dog at one of their WC events and passed his PCA WC.  That was in 1999.  He was the first Miniature Poodle to title in any field/hunt event in North America.  He will not be the last.  Miniature Poodles are wonderful fun working dogs who give everything to please.
  • June 1999 Percy earns the Poodle Club of America WC becoming the first Miniature to do so.
  • January 1, 2002 the Canadian Kennel Club opens their Working Certificate program to ALL sizes of Poodles.
  • January 1, 2014 American Kennel Club opens their Hunt Test program to Miniature Poodles
For a complete history of small Poodles working in the field, please refer to The Poodle History Project (http://www.poodlehistory.org/).  The Miniature/Toy Poodles listed below have been officially recorded as having earned a hunting or field title in the Canadian Kennel Club or  Poodle Club of America.It is my hope that eventually all varieties of Poodle (toy, miniature and standard) will be able to compete in all venues.

(since January 2002 all varieties of Poodles are eligible)

WC June 8 & 9/2002 (Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club of Canada, Woodville, Ontario); WCI June 8/2006 (Mountain Valley Retriever Training Club, Flamborough, Ontario); WCX 31 May/2007 (Mountain Valley Retriever Training Club, Flamborough, Ontario)Owner: Leila Marshall (Ontario); Breeder: Joyce McCaffrey (Ontario).First Miniature Poodle (NB: "Simon" has Toy breeding) to hold the CKC retriever Working Certificate, Working Certificate Intermediate, and Working Certificate Excellent titles.

SUNDANCERS MEYACHT CDX AGX WC(B) CQ214744 MINIATURE, CREAM 27/08/1994 (D.Nov 22, 2002) WC July 7/2002 (Labrador Retriever Club of Canada, Cornwall, Ontario).Owner: Roslyn D.Beaman (Ontario); Breeder: Tracey D. Davidson (Ontario).

SATCHC CLEVERFIELD SPENCER FOR HIRE CDX, WC(D) BJ080432 MINIATURE, APRICOT; 09/05/1993 WC September 21/2002 (Eastern Flyway Hunting Retriever Club, Milford, NS);Owner: Donna J. Fulton (Nova Scotia); Breeder: Gloria Fielding (Nova Scotia).

Ca/Am.Ch Greg-Mars EZ Up CD  WC(D) MINIATURE, WHITE.  WC July 15, 2009 (Golden Retriever Club of Canada, BC)Owner:  Lee Kozicki (Alberta)Breeder:  Martin Gregory (USA)

UKC CA, CKC CH Vanir's Palman's Beau Jest CDX RAE AgNj WC(2), HIC, CARO RACL, NAFA FDX, PCA WC(2), VIP VCX.  WC (D) MINIATURE, WHITE.  WC Sept 29, 2011 (Mill Creek Retriever Club, Ontario).  Owner:  Roslyn Beaman (Ontario), Breeder:  Ted and Louis Fahlgren (Ontario).  Owen passed the WC again on September 15, 2012.


SIGMA CHI'S WHITE DELIGHTCKC CD AgN, NAFA FMCH, AAC VMADC and AADC, NADAC EJC,   EAC-V, NG-V, AKC AX,PCA Working CertificatePoodle Club of Canada Versatile PoodleVersatility in Poodles VCX(D) MINIATURE, WHITE(OCT 17, 1988 - AUGUST 11, 2003)
Percy qualified for his Poodle Club of America WC title on June 24, 1999 running second WC test dog at the Mountain Valley Retriever Training Club's WC/I/X test at Alberton, Ontario.Percy was the first Miniature Poodle to earn any type of hunting/field title.  He participated in NAHRA tests and ran test dog at several CKC WC and Hunt tests until the ripe old age of 13.  In fact he qualified at PCA in 2001 at the age of 13 in the WC. Owner:  Roslyn Beaman

SUNDANCERS MEYACHT CDX AGX WC(B) CQ214744 MINIATURE, CREAM(Aug 27, 1994- Nov 22, 2002) Percy's mega-titled constant companion, also a Mini, Meya, qualified for her PCA WC by running WC test dog at the Mountain Valley Retriever Training Club's WC/I/X test at Alberton, Ontario on 20 July 2000.  Owner:  Roslyn Beaman

CH MACH KALLISTA'S SILVER SAILS ALOFT UD TDX NF RE VCD3 PCA WCX(D) Miniature, Silver.  2003.  Jib is the first Miniature to earn the PCA WCX and Bronze Medallion (10 passes).  Owner:  Suzi Cope.

BALLARD'S CATCH HER IN THE RYE (B) Miniature, Brown.  Rye has passed the WC test 5 times so far--9/07 (single test), 5/08 (2 tests), and 5/09 (1 test). Owner:  Jan Gray.  Rye achieved the PCA Bronze Medallion in 2011 (5 passes). 

CH OTCH MACH4 RAVENDUNE RIGHT ON Q (D) Miniature, Black.  Q passed the WC test at PCA in 2007.  Owner:  Cathi Winkles.

VIP'S ENCHANTED SORCERER UD RE NA MX MXJ (D) Miniature, Brown.  Merlin passed the WC in 2008. Owner:  Kathy Evans.

CH VANIR'S PALMAN'S BEAU JEST CDX RAE RACL HIC FDX VIP VCX (D) Miniature, Cream.  Owen passed the WC at PCA on April 24, 2011 and again on April 22, 2012.  Owner:  Roslyn Beaman

URX, UROC Dalcrista Roxanne, RAE2, ARCHMX, BN, CD-C, ASCA RNX, CW-ZR2, CW-SR, CW-OB1, WC (B) Miniature, Silver.  Roxanne passed the WC at the Greater Milwaukee Poodle Club on August 17, 2012.  Owner:  Janice Glosson.  Roxanne also earned her UKC Started Retriever title on September 16, 2012. 

MACH Menina de Prata RA OF; (B) Miniature, Silver.  Nina passed the WC at the Greater Carolina Poodle Club test on October 6, 2012.  Owner:  Beth White.

CH OTCH MACH Barclay Lyca Masterpiece UDX2 OM4 RA MXB MJB; (D).  Miniature, Apricot.  Ren passed the WC at the Poodle Club of America Specialty on April 21, 2013.  Owner:  Lisa Harrison

AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB HUNT TEST PROGRAM (As of January 2014, Both Miniature and Standard Poodles are allowed to participate in all levels (JH, SH and MH

URX, UROC Dalcrista Roxanne, RAE2, ARCHMX, BN, CD-C, ASCA RNX, CW-ZR2, CW-SR, CW-OB1, WC (B) Miniature, Silver.  Roxanne earned her JH title in August 2014.  Owner:  Janice Glosson.  

MACH3 Menina De Prata CD RE JH MXG MJB2 MXF T2B2 CGC WC UWC HPC ; (B) Miniature, Silver.  Nina completed her Junior Hunted title .  Nina got her title on September 14, 2014 in Buckhead, GA at the Atlanta Retriever Club tests.  Owner:  Beth White, Marysville Tennessee.